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Ways into nature

Minto - into nature - offers a whole range of exciting activities on water, in the woods, in the mountains and on ice. Take a guided tour or do it yourself in a sea kayak in the archipelago of West Sweden; paddle a Canadian canoe on the inland lakes; go on a cross-country skiing tour or try out some of the great climbing mountains in Bohuslän - there are endless possibilities.

Be one with nature - sustainably

Joining a tour with Minto, the focus is on the experience, doing it together, relaxation, inspiration and regenerating your strength. Courses and tours last between half a day to several days, and can be combined with a stay at the Tingvall Eco-Lodge.

Paddle a sea kayak

Discover one of Europe's most beautiful areas for sea kayaking together with qualified kayak guides. You can also find your own way along the rocky coast of Bohuslän, the outer archipelago and the small islands in the lee nearer land. You’re guaranteed an outlet for your wanderlust and you can recharge your body and soul with new energy.

Cajaks by the shore.

Wildlife tours - exciting tours in the wilderness

Kynnefjäll nature reserve, with its beautiful landscapes and fascinating wilderness, is an ideal place for many adventures. Discover the countryside on a bicycle along the winding forest roads, on foot through the woods and over stunning high plateaus, or glide silently across pristine lakes and rivers in a canoe. You can also join one of Minto's Dream Tours with a true pioneer spirit.

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