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Vänersborgsbostäder is the municipally owned real estate agency in Vänersborg.

Vänersborgsbostäder is the municipally owned real estate agency in Vänersborg that has a large selection of residences and premises of variable sizes in Vänersborg municipality's larger urban areas.

About Vänersborgsbostäder

Vänersborgsbostäder currently has 3,250 apartments and just over 5,600 tenants and is the largest player in Vänersborg's real estate market.

Vänersborgsbostäder offers residences in different sizes and design around Vänersborg municipality. Most of them are in Vänersborg's urban area but they also have properties in Vargön, Brålanda and Frändefors. About 450 of their residences are care apartments.

In addition, Vänersborgsbostäder rents out premises of various sizes. Everything from large company and business facility, to basement premises that can be suitable for associations, for example. It is also possible to rent smaller storages.

Vänersborgsbostäder's areas

Vänersborgsbostäder has apartments in Vänersborg's larger urban areas. The variety is great. You can live in a rural idyll or in central Vänersborg with all services and entertainment within walking distance.

Blåsut - Blåsut district is located 1.5 km west of Vänersborg city centre. An area whose popularity has stood the test of time over the years.

Centrum and Nordstan – in the city centre, Vänersborgsbostäder has a varied range of apartments, both in terms of standard, size and price.

Egnahem - from here you reach the centre of Vänersborg in 15 minutes. There is a large selection of different types of apartments in the area.

Fredriksberg - Fredriksberg is one of Vänersborg's most popular districts.

Holmängen - at Holmängen you live close to the nature but still within short distance to the centre. You can take a walk or bicycle tour along the shores of Lake Vänern.

Onsjö - Onsjö is a district with a nice mix of villas and apartments of various kind. At Onsjö you are close to the beautiful nature with lovely walking paths along the river.

Reuterskiöldska – Reuterskiöldska district is a popular area located within ten minutes’ walk from the city centre.

Torpa - Torpa is the area where you can find a mixture of popular terraced houses, as well as well-planned apartments in three-storey buildings.

Brålanda - Brålanda is a small community with about 1,400 inhabitants, just under 30 km north of Vänersborg.

Frändefors - Here you have the combination of the peace and security of the small community with having Vänersborg at a convenient distance of only 15 km away.

Vargön - Vargön is one of the urban areas in Vänersborg municipality. About 4,900 people live here and from here it's easy to get by car or bus to both Vänersborg and Trollhättan.

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