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Welcome to Trollhättan

Trollhättan was founded along the river Göta Älv at the mighty Trollhättan Waterfalls. The city offers a rich history and many exciting nature experiences. Here you can experience when 300,000 liters of water per second are released into the riverbed (due to the ongoing energy crisis there will not be any release of water in the falls during summer 2023 except from during the Fallens Dagar (Waterfall Days) festival 21-23 July), hike the beautiful landscape of Älvrummet, follow the ships on their journey along the lock system of Trollhättan or experience the history of Saab, and have fun together with the whole family in the popular Innovatum District.

Trollhättan was granted city rights in 1916, but its history goes well back in time. For centuries, Trollhättan’s waterfalls were an obstacle for boats travelling the river, until a lock system, with three sets of locks, was completed in the early 20th century, but it was also a source of energy for the industries in Trollhättan. It was from the energy of the water that large industries such as NOHAB, Saab and the hydroelectric power plants in Trollhättan came alive. 

The industries in Trollhättan have for a long time given the city its innovative character – something that can still be found today.  

What to See and Experience in Trollhättan

The Mighty Trollhätte Canalpark

Discover Trollhätte Canalpark in Trollhättan during your visit. The Canalpark stretches from the area Vårvik in the north down to Trollhättan's Locks Area in the south. Along the way, there is a wide variety of attractions and experiences for both young and old. Visit Vårvik and meet the animals at the farm Vårviks Gård or maybe train your skills at the Skate- and Activity Park. Just south, on the other side of Trollhätte Canal lies Stadsparken. Here dance evenings and exhibitions are arranged and for the family there is also a theme playground and adventure golf.

After that, you will come to Spikön and Strandgatan, which are located on opposite sides of Trollhätte Canal. Spikön is a green oasis surrounded by water and a popular area for the city's residents and guests to explore by foot. On the other side, along Strandgatan street, there are plenty of nice restaurants by the water. From here you can also discover Trollhättan's city center.

Follow the water and you will come to the Waterfall Area in Trollhättan. During the summer months, you can see when the water gates open at specific times and the mighty Trollhättan Waterfall roar again (due to the strained energy situation, no water releases will be arranged during the summer of 2023 except during the Fallens Dagar festival). From here you can also discover the nature reserve Älvrummet, filled with hiking trails and magnificent views.

Not far from here is also the Innovatum District, a preserved industrial area that today houses several of the city's popular attractions such as Saab Car Museum and Innovatum Science Center. Finally, just a short walk from here you will find Trollhättan's Locks Area with three generations of locks, framed by the beautiful park area Gamle Dal.

There is much more to discover in Trollhätte Canalpark such as sculptures, themed playgrounds, historical sights, boat trips and a wide variety of outdoor experiences.

Visit our Trollhätte Canalpark website to find out more.


Älvrummet is the nature area that connects the waterfalls area with the locks in Trollhättan. The area offers numerous hiking trails, such as Kärleksstigen (the Trail of Love) which takes you along the waters of Göta Älv, south towards the locks or north towards the waterfalls. If you are in Älvrummet we recommend you to visit Kopparklinten, from which you will have spectacular views of Trollhättan and Göta Älv. The river is full of fish. There are two fishing licenses to choose from, either the fishing license for Göta Älv or the one for salmon fishing in Trollhättan

Innovatum District

East of the waterfalls- and lock area is the so-called Innovatum District located. Here, industrial buildings from the height of NOHAB are still in place, but today the premises have been filled with new and exciting companies and places of interest. Here the kids can enjoy some fun at the Innovatum Science Center and if you are interested in the history and cars of Saab, the Saab Car Museum is a must. In this area there is also a preserved smithy from the NOHAB era, and the Trollhättan Art Gallery is also located in this area.


For many people Trollhättan is also known as Trollywood thanks to Film i Väst which has its film studio here. Several major Swedish and Nordic movies have had scenes filmed in Trollhättan and Vänersborg, so when you walk on the streets of our cities you may recognize a site or two. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to visit the film studio, but for those of you who want to experience some star power you should visit Storgatan in the city center of Trollhättan. Like in Hollywood a Walk of Fame show you the movie stars who have visited the city.

The Playground Town of Trollhättan

In the past couple of years several exciting play grounds have been created in Trollhättan. Here you can visit Roy and Roger's mack (Roy and Roger’s gas station) and Ice Cream-Oskar's Playground in the city center and on beautiful Spikön, Skrotnisse’s playground is ready to be discovered. You can also visit the giant whale at the Hydro power playground or discover the galaxy at the new Space playground. All playgrounds have a connection to the history of the city and attract curiosity and play for both young and old alike. That's why Trollhättan is called the Playground Town!

The Trollhättan City Center

The city center of Trollhättan is beautifully located near Göta Älv. Here you will find several smaller streets full of shops, restaurants and cafés and if you spend time on Drottningtorget (the market square) or walk along the pedestrian street Kungsgatan, you will discover a wide range of shops and eateries. This is also where you will find Folkets Hus Kulturhuset (the culture center which also houses the city library), where there is always something going on. On first Wednesday of every month, in the city center of Trollhättan, there is an open-air market with many stands where you can find almost anything that your heart desires. In the northern part of the city center is Arena Älvhögsborg located with its indoor swimming pool and summer outdoor pools.

Read more about shopping in the city center of Trollhättan here

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For those of you who want an overview of what this area has to offer, this is where we have gathered all the information about the attractions and activities in Trollhättan. If you are looking for a place to enjoy a delicious dinner or a cozy café, please visit our Food and Beverage Page for Trollhättan and if you are looking for accommodation, please visit our Accommodation in Trollhättan page.

Day trips close to Trollhättan


Only about a 15 minutes’ drive from Trollhättan, on the western tip of Lake Vänern, is Vänersborg located. There are exciting tourist destinations such as the beautiful Skräckleparken on Lake Vänern; Sweden's oldest museum, the Vänersborg Museum, and much more to see and visit. If you want to leave your car in Trollhättan you can easily take the train or bus between the two cities. Read more about Vänersborg here.

Ecopark Halle- and Hunneberg

Discover the unique scenery of Halle- and Hunneberg - only about a 20 minutes’ drive from Vänersborg. The twin mountains are excellent to discover on foot or by mountain bike. There are many trails to choose from. If you want to know more about nature, wildlife or history of the mountains, visit the Kungajakt Museum Älgens Berg, an experience center for all ages located on Hunneberg. Read more about Ecopark Halle- and Hunneberg here. 

Contact Trollhättan Tourist Information Center.