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The Playground Town of Trollhättan

Play at Trollhättan's themed playgrounds

Discover Trollhättan's five unique playgrounds with different themes, all closely linked to the city's history. The playgrounds are well worth visiting more than once and offers fun for both young and old.

Macken Playground

Welcome to Roy and Roger's gas station! Here you can climb, use the swings, go down the slide, explore the gas station and much more. The Macken playground is located in the central park of Maria Alberts Park, just behind the Oden shopping center. Read more about Macken Playground here. 

Skrotnisse's Playground

Welcome to Skrotnisse's own playground in Trollhättan. The playground is in the middle of the beautiful island of Spikön, surrounded by the waters of Göta river. Skrotnisse's Playground is 1300 square meters and is made up of Skrotnisse's cabin and workshop. There is also a tree house, a maze, the boat Balder and a hangar with a hybrid of a car and a plane. Read more about Skrotnisse's Playground here. 

The Water Power Playground

Welcome to a perfect place for play and a family picnic in the middle of the Fall- and Locks area of Trollhättan. The whale at Insikten is 15 meters long and full of fun for both younger and older children and brings out the explorer in all of us. Read more about The Water Power Playground here. 

Ice Cream-Oskar's Playground

Playground in central Trollhättan with a slide, playhouse, trampolines and more. This is one of the smallest playgrounds in Trollhättan but also one of the most popular. Glass-Oskars Lekplats (Ice Cream-Oskar's Playground) is perfect for taking a break while exploring the central streets of Trollhättan. Read more about Ice Cream-Oskar's Playground here. 

Space Themed Playground

Playground with space theme is located at Kronogården close to the multisport arena. Discover the space themed playground with swings, trampoline and a space station. Read more about the Space Themed Playground here. 

Funfair Themed Playgound

Trollhättan's newest themed playground with funfair theme in the beautiful Trollhättan Stadspark (Trollhättan City Park). Visit the funfair director's house, play at the rotating coffee cups, performe on stage and much more. Read more about the Funfair Playground here.

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