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Photographer: Mats Lind

Mörkö, Ulricehamn

A feeling of beeing in the north of Sweden

Experience nature’s magnificence and stillness at the Björnö Trail in the Komosse Nature Reserve. This 47 kilometer² area is one of southern Sweden’s largest wetland areas, with a luxuriant flora and many different kind of birds. The Björnö Trail is a round walk of around 5 kilometer that is mostly along boardwalks over the bog.

What to see

Komosse is the largest continuous wetland area in southern Sweden and consists of desolate wilderness including various types of moorland, wetland, forests and land islets. The highland moor, with its gently raised contour, is one of the most highly developed landscapes of the type in Europe with a difference of 25 metres between the highest and lowest points. Komosse offer an intersting flora and many different kind of birds. There's a bird tower reached through a connecting trail of about 300 meters. The best way to experience the moor is to follow the Björnöleden Trail, with a lot of interesting information, for example about what a raised bog actually is.


At Lilla Björnö, with a nice view of the lake, there’s a lovely picnic area with a shelter.

Fact about the trail


4,4 kilometers


The trail has no markings but it's easy to find by following the boardwalk.

Level of difficulty:


Start and end:

The trail starts from the car park at Mörkö, along the road between Köttkulla and Mulseryd.

How to get here:

Public transport: There are no public transport to Mörkö.


Printed maps are available at Ulricehamn Touristinformation. Here you can download the English brochure with more information.

Map for printing/download

Contact information

Västkuststiftelsen och Ulricehamns kommun


Phone: +46 321 595000

E-mail: kommun@ulricehamn.se