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  • Photographer: Jan töve

Källebacka farm
Marbäck, Ulricehamn

Cultural Heritage Building

Buildings listed as cultural buildings have a strong protection by the cultural heritage law, as declared by the local government. Ulricehamn has five historic buildings: Källebacka Mansion, Vinsarp Stone House, Bäckagården, the Old Water Plant and the Station Building.

Well preserved mansion

Källebacka is a very well preserved representation of the 1700s mansion architecture, with hipped roof and classic decorative elements.
Inside, the building is also very interesting, for example, older wallpaper, paintings and tiled stoves.

First floor from 1675

The first floor of the Källebacka yellow farmhouse dates back from 1675, and was the residence of Colonel Anders Björnsköld. Second floor, as well as the wing and outbuildings, were added in the mid-1700s. The outhouse has a gruel clock on the roof and inside there is a privy with seven holes. There were once two wings, but today, only one remain.

The farm's history can be traced back to the 1500s. In 1649, the estate tax was purchased from the crown of Västergötland by the first surveyor Johan Bothwidsson Gyllensting, who owned several farms in the province. From the mid 1600s to 1675, the farm was an inn.

Källbacka is privatley owned. Lars-Erik Josefsson has owned Källebacka since 1991. 

Contact information

Källebacka Säteri

52393 Marbäck

Phone: +46 321 595959

E-mail: turist@nuab.eu

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