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Kråkebo Nature Reserve

Abundance of flora in Kråkebo

Kråkebo is situated on the western side of Lake Åsunden, between Brunn and Tvärred. Leave the main road and head for Åsastugan.

Home to many species

The steep forests in Kråkebo Nature Reserve are home to many species of deciduous trees and bushes including beech, elm, ash, lime, oak and hazel. The forests play host to an abundance of shade-tolerant plants with large colonies of blue anenome, yellow wood anenome, lungwort, sweet woodruff, black pea and spring vetchling. The coral root bears dark purple axillary bulbils.

Lead lichen, anomodon moss, lung lichen, skin lichen and a large number of other lichens, mosses and fungi have been found in this area.



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