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  • Photographer: Mats Lind

  • Photographer: Mats Lind

  • Photographer: Mats Lind

Personal training with Lassalyckan

Privat lessons

Personal training at Lassalyckans Vasaloppscenter is suitable for both beginners and people with many years of experience!

Boost your training

If you want to develop your technique or get a boost for your training, we'd strongly recommend hiring one of our talented personal trainers. Personal training is suitable for both beginners and people with many years of experience!

Here you can get inspiration and knowledge in fitness sports such as running, cycling and skiing. 

Lassalyckan collaborations

John Anden in Xc Coach, Emma Rönn and Markus Jönsson organize courses and camps at Lassalyckan in Ulricehamn. They offers skiinglessons, and courses and lessons for MTB and running.


Private lessons for individuals:

A lesson is normally 75 minutes long, and after a warmup that allows the instructor to plan a workout to fit your specific needs and wishes.

We can also help you to plan your training and monitor your progress. Personal training is suitable for both beginners and those with long training experience.  All can benefit!


For reservations and questions, please contact the instuctors.

John Andén. +46 70 20 10 265  johnanden@live.se

Emma Rönn +46 73 231 34 18 emronn@outlook.com

Markus Jönsson +46 73 720 72 83 markus.tranemoif@gmail.com


Lassalyckan vasaloppscenter in Ulricehamn commenced operations in the summer of 2011 in order to strengthen the tourism economic impact on Ulricehamns skiing tradition and outdoor recreational area Lassalyckan.

Lassalyckan Vasaloppscenter is managed by Ulricehamn’s Business Development Company and will be the main hub of Ulricehamns sports tourism. Together with the municipality, businesses and associations, we offer a complete facility for fitness, sports, and elite level training.

Lassalyckan Vasaloppcenters goal is to develop opportunities and make it easier for people to engage in cardiovascular exercise and enjoy an improved quality of the outdoor life.

Contact information

Lassalyckan, ett officiella vasaloppscenter

52330 Ulricehamn

Phone: +46 321 595959

E-mail: turist@nuab.eu

Website: lassalyckan.se