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Photographer: Christiane Dietz

Bäckefors bruk

Ruins after ironworks in Bäckefors

In the southern part of the municipality of Bengtsfors lies the remains of Bäckefors ironwork, which had its glory over 150 years ago. Here are the ruins of the smithies and hammer that closed down in the late 1800s, a historical environment which is the foundation of the community of Bäckefors.

Bäckefors ironworks started in 1767 and initially was quite modest. In 1823 Carl Fredrik Waern took over and the business expanded and improved. Carl Fredrik Waern is structuring the construction of smiths along the shore, building worker housing, improving roads, starting school and all other things that will make the mill modern with the dimensions of the past. As the first use in Sweden in 1829, the Lancashire method is introduced under the leadership of Samuel Houlder.

In 1855, 367 people worked at ironworks, which can be compared to 77 people in 1824 when C. F. Warn took over.

1858 dies C. F. Waern and the successor focus on the sister industry in Billingsfors. In the 1860s, the ironwork in Bäckefors is still profitable, but competition is growing more and new manufacturing methods make it unprofitable. The ironworks are closed down in 1920.

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Bäckefors Bruk