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Photographer: Högsbyns Friitidscenter

The Högsbyn Fritidscenter
Dals Långed

Close to nature experiences and living in Dalsland

The Högsbyn Fritidscenter is located where nature is the most beautiful, in the middle of Dalsland and directly on Lake Råvarpen. The nearby area is a paradise for paddlers, cyclists, anglers and hikers, and of course for those who just want to relax.

Photographer: Christiane Dietz

Canoeing, boating or hiking

There are several large lakes and hiking trails in the immediate area, such as the Pilgrim Path. At the campground, you can rent canoes and boats, go hiking or just relax on a sandy beach. Next to the campsite is a nature reserve with rock carvings from the Bronze Age.

Photographer: HENRIK TRYGG

It is not far to numerous touristic destinations such as the Dasland Canal and the Aqueduct in Håverud, Dals Rostock with its herb garden and miniature train station, or Bengtsfors. You can rent a trolley, visit the museum Halmens hus or start a boat trip in Bengtsfors.

Camping and cottages

At Högsbyns Fritidscenter you can stay the night in your tents, camper or in a rented cottage.

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Högsbyns Fritidscenter

Högsbyn, Tisselskog

66010 Dals Långed

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