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Photographer: Christiane Dietz

Nature reserve Höljerudsforsarna

White-throated dipper and exclusive trout fishing

There are three distances between Bengtsbrohöljen and Laxsjön. The hollow outriggers consist of the upper rapids, an approximately 250 m long stretch with a 6 meter drop height and the lower smaller rapids with about 2 meters drop height. The rapids have never been dry-laid or significantly affected by dam.

A very nice trail during summer and winter, between Billingsfors and Bengtsfors


Övre Höljerudsforsen has a very high biological assembly, which is due to the fact that immediately upstream there is a lake, that the rapids have great water flow, length and fall height and in the bottom sand and gravel substrate. This provides a good food base for eg. trout and the white-throated dipper, which the rapids are known for.

Exclusive Trout Fishing

The availability of outdoor life is great through the access to the Dalsland Canal as well as walking and cycling routes. As when the recreation area is located within walking distance for about 6,000 inhabitants in Bengtsfors and Billingsfors urban areas. There are also good opportunities for a limited but exclusive trout fishing.


The area can easily be reached by boat and canoe on the Dalsland Canal, by foot or by bicycle on the prepared walking and cycling path between Bengtsfors and Billingsfors.  A Parking is available in Bengtsfors and in Billingsfors at the southern entrance.

Please take into account the reserve's regulations

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