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Photographer: Christiane Dietz

Dals-Ed municipality fishing Permit

The municipality Dals-Ed offers a fishing license for several lakes.

In Dals-Ed's municipality, there are a lot of opportunities and challenges to try your fishing skills. Whether you want to catch a big pike, fish a char or perch. Fish in a number of Dals-Ed municipal lakes with this card!

Buy Dals-Ed Municipal Fishing Card, which includes 15 fishing areas, and go on a fishing trip. This fishing license is valid for the whole family. Available as a weekly or annual card. Regulations for respective fishing waters also apply to the district-fishing license. Further fishing permits for specific lakes can be found at Fiskespecialisten. 

The permit applies to these lakes:

How to purchase

The Municipal Fishing Card is only available on iFiske (BOKA - further down)

NOTE! On the Swedish side of the Lake Stora Le it is not allowed to fish! It is also illegal to fish in Tresticklans National Park!

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