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Photographer: Christiane Dietz

Södra Kornsjön fishing area

Plenty of Pike, Perch and Mört

Rather shallow lake (estimated average depth less than 10 m) with medium depth of view and much vegetation. Situated on the border between Dalsland and Bohuslän, constitutes a short distance between the countryside.

Many small beautiful islands. Jigging is often very effective. Mört - fish with flow and maggot, mask or close to land. Try the right side, north of the bridge in Koxeröd. Pike - Trolling fishing with large wobblers can help catching a big pike in spring and autumn. Try jerkbait in some weeks in spring. Less pike thrives on shallow water throughout the lake. Perch - Traditional mete at risvasar or in the edges. It is generally best for perch at the southern end of the lake. 

  • Area: Södra Kornsjön
  • Good stock of Pike, Perch, and Mört. Thrifty with Sik, Siklöja and Sutare.
  • Boatramp: At Loviseholm GPS coordinates X: 6532641, Y: 1263815, there is a smaller ramp.
  • Only hand tools allowed. Fishing with fixed gear is prohibited.
  • During the spring there is bird protection in the river Kynne älv until 15 June.

The fishing license is purchased from the fish specialist in Ed or on iFiske via the BOOK button below.


Contact information

Fiskespecialisten i Ed

Jordbrovägen 15

668 32 Dals-Ed

Phone: +46 0534 124 50