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  • Photographer: Christiane Dietz

Landet mitt emellan

The land in between...


This round will take you through both the landscape of Dalsland and Bohuslän, in the Valbo Valley. In this area you can also enjoy outdoor art. For more info www.landetmittemellan.se



Besides the many second hand shops and art also the following can be recommended:


  • Burial ground Ättehögskullen in Håvesten
  • The church in Ödeborg
  • Fornsalen in Ödeborg - (this museum has the best collection of items from the preindustrial time in Dalsland)


There are serveral places to grab a bite in Munkedal, Hedekas and Färgelanda or at any of the places you also can stay the night as Dagsholm, Munkedals Herrgård and Ulkeröds Gård.

Or why not bring a picknick and stop by the lake Lersjön.


Drive carefully - there is lots of wild life along these roads.


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