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Must-see sights and attractions in Dalsland

Dalsland id often called -  a miniature of Sweden. Deep forests, mountains, fertile plains, white beaches and the Dalsland Canal, there is somthing for everyone. It is easy to love Dalsland, what is hard is to decide what you like best. To help you we have listed ten must-see sights and attractions in Dalsland, in no particular order...

Are you unsure of what you want to see and experience? Here are 10 of our most popular reasons to visit, in no particular order.

The aqueduct in Håverud


The aqueduct in Håverud, a crazy idea that came true. The aqueduct and the lock stairs in Håverud is one of Dalsland's most visited sights and a fine piece of history. Every year, hundreds of thousands of visitors come to Dalsland's canal to see the spectacular meeting between road, rail and waterway. The aqueduct in Håverud is completely unique in its kind. The aqueduct is a freely hanging bridge, where the water is led into a 33.5 meter long sheet trench above the rapids. 



Dalslands Aktiviteter

 Steneby, Bengtsfors

Dalslands aktiviteter is one of Northern Europe's largest in terms of team building mixed with peak experiences. It offers a range of exciting and fun activities in the forest, at the lake, at low and high altitudes often accompanied by animals. The goal is to offer activities for all ages in the same place regardless of weather and season.



Not Quite

 Fengersfors, Åmål

20 km from Åmål, surrounded by forests and lakes, lies the old industrial district Fengersfors. The factory’s proud industrial area from the beginning of the 1900’s today houses a large amount of activities, such as artists and the arts and crafts cooperative Not Quite. Smiths, carpenters, photographers, potters, textile artists, painters and other enthusiasts, together have created a vibrant environment with shops, café/bistro, boutiques, galleries, bakery and exhibition halls. 



Baldersnäs Herrgård

 Dals Långed, Bengtsfors

Baldersnäs manor is a cultural and historical treasure dating from the 18th century, but also a modern hotel with a restaurant of high class, surrounded by a lovely park and Lake Laxsjön’s sparkling water. It was the iron industry in Dalsland that formed the economical foundation for Baldersnäs. The area is characterized by the former mill owner Carl Fredrik Waern's interest in English park culture.



Tresticklan National Park 


Tresticklan National Park stretches between the lake Stora Le and the Norwegian border, and with an area of 30 square kilometres it is the largest road-less, uninhabited forest region in southern Sweden. The topography of Tresticklan National Park is characterized by narrow, high mountain ridges that run from north to south. Between them are marshlands and long, narrow lakes. The sparse pine forest with granite outcrops clad in mosses and lichens, together with the large number of lakes, form a deeply peaceful place where you can walk in uninterrupted wilderness for several days.

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Travel on the canal with Dalslands kanaltrafik

 Bengtsfors - Håverud

The Dalsland canal is served by several fine turn-of-the-century boats that take passengers through the beautiful surroundings along the canal. During the summer, the boats leave daily from both Bengtsfors and Håverud. Most people choose to do a round. This means that you take a passenger boat in one direction and then take DVVJ's rail bus back to where you started. The tours run daily from mid-June to late August every year. 



The best canoeing lakes in Europe

 Dalsland Nordmarken

The lake system in northern Dalsland, which is called the DANO area, is made for kayaking. Mile after mile, lake after lake in beautiful nature with hilly landscapes and elongated lakes. There are plenty of canoe rentals in the area who are happy to give you tips on tours and good advice. When you get a craving for coffee, just put the coffee pot in the lake. The water is crystal clear.

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Dalslands Konstmuseum

 Upperud, Mellerud

Dalsland Art Museum - beautifully located on a hill in Upperud. The long red museum building blends perfect into the old mill environment. The museum was opened in 1995 and was initiated by antique dealer Sten Torstensson, whose collection formed the basis for the museum. Today, in addition to its permanent collection, the museum shows a number of different exhibitions of contemporary art during March to November, both indoors and in the sculpture park. Do not forget to have coffee at Café Bonaparte.



Hiking - a pleasure in Dalsland


Do as many has done before you - put on your hiking boots and enjoy Dalsland's nature - beautiful views and a lot of trail to choose from. We like to make your hike as nice as possible. Luxurious hiking package with everything extra. Local food, nice drinks and a lovely bed. And a lot of hiking in beautiful nature of course! 

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Dals Rostock


Brunnsparken, the location of Rostock’s former spa, offers a host of things to see and experience. In the herb garden, you can study different plants, bees, and geology. The Folklore Museum records the history of the area and is dedicated to passing it on to future generations. The studio, café, shop, second-hand bookstore, gallery, and textile museum are all open during the summer and is well worth a visit.

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More to see and do

There is a lot to experience in Dalsland. The beautiful nature, creative culture and good and locally produced food. The people are friendly and will make sure you have a lovely holiday in Dalsland.