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Dog-friendly Dalsland

Photographer: Lykke Andersen

Adventuring with man’s best friend

We love dogs here in Dalsland. And dogs usually love Dalsland back. We’ve got accommodation and many exciting trails to walk along, not to mention dog-friendly accommodation and lakes to cool their paws in.

Dogs tend to think it’s nice having the whole family together in a small space – close and cosy and they can keep track of everyone! So they often have no problem with tents, small cabins, hostels, or hotel rooms. Staying at a hotel with a dog always feels a little extra special – entering the lobby with your dog and pattering along the corridors up to your room.

Vandra med hund i Dalsland

The dog is a nice company when you go out for a hike or a long walk. Here you will find information and tips on hiking trails and what you should think about when you bring your dog into nature.

Tips & advice for hiking with a dog

  • Do not forget to bring water, food and bowls for your dog.
  • Adjust the length of the hike according to your dog's condition, breed and health.
  • Terrain walks are more demanding for both you and the dog than a regular city walk. If you are used to walking on flat ground, remember that you are much slower in the terrain.
  • Tip! Use a dog harness so that you do not have to hold the leash. This way you can devote all your energy to enjoying nature.
  • In windy and cold weather, it can be good to bring a warm vest for the dog.
  • Out in the wild, there are unfortunately ticks in varying numbers. Make a habit of looking through the dog's fur after the walk.

During the period 1st March - 20th August, the wildlife is extra sensitive and the right of public access says that dogs must be kept on a leash during this period. In nature reserves and pastures, you must always have your dog on a leash.

Have some fun together

Veterinarians in Dalsland

Dogs are curious and adventurous by nature. Should the accident occur, there are veterinarians from north to south.

Smådjursveterinären, in Åmål +46(0)532-160 02
Distriktsveterinärerna, Bäckefors +46(0)10-122 93 20
Smådjursveterinären, Färgelanda +46(0)73-943 98 87
Veterinären på Kroppefjäll, Dals Rostock +46(0)530-60600