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  • Photographer: Kajsa Kax

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Here you can download or order the prospects you want to know more of! If you miss anything - contact a tourist office for help.

UT 2021

Dalslandsmagasinet UT 2021 på svenska.

GET OUT 2021

Dalsland tourist guide 2021. Get out in English.

RAUS 2021

Dalslandmagazin RAUS 2021 auf Deutsch.

Karta. Map. Karte.

Dalslandskarta 2021 Map of Dalsland 2021 Die Dalsland karte 2021

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More to explore

Skipper´s Guide 2021

The Skippers guide to the Dalsland canal 2021. For those who travel on the Dalsland canal.

Skepparguide 2021

Dalslands kanals Skepparguide 2021. En guide för dig som vill färdas på Dalslands kanal.

Konst_Hantverk i Dalsland 2020

Here you will find galleries, artists and craftsmen in Dalsland (in Swedish)