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The aqueduct in Håverud

The aqueduct in Håverud is one of the most popular attractions in Dalsland. With its unique intersection of infrastructure it is a piece of history that is best seen on site.


The magnificent nature, the English Park, beautiful common facilities and dining rooms in authentic surroundings, coupled with modern hotel rooms makes Baldersnas Manor something unique.

Culture Destinations x 4

Dalsland is full of art, culture and craftsmanship. Be inspired by the creativity of our creators and visit our fantastic cultural destinations.

The wild and beautiful

Explore nature and challenge yourself. Find peace or adventure, it's up to you ...

Tresticklan - National park

Uninterrupted wilderness and stimulating hiking in an area bordering Norway. A sparse and barren pine forest, with its lichen-and moss covered flat rocks and many lakes where one can hike for days.

The Pilgrim Trail

This beautiful hiking trail that begins in Vänersborg and goes all the way to Edsleskog's church in Åmål. It is over 100 kilometers long. It starts with countryside and ends with pure nature.

DANO - Dalsland Nordmarken

The Dalsland Nordmarken lake system has long been one of the most popular canoe areas in Europe. The forests are wild and beautiful, the water often drinkable and people few and far between.

The Dalsland canal

The blue ribbon that cuts through Dalsland and connects the lakes in a beautiful system from Lake Vänern and all the way up to Värmland.