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Photographer: Jesper Anhede

Our 5 winter tips

  • 11 Nov, 2016

Here we give you 10 tips on winter activities in Hjo!

1. Ice skating in the sunset on lake Mullsjön

When the ice settles on the small lake Mullsjön, just a few kilometres west of Hjo, there are fantastic opportunities to do some ice skating on the lake. Perhaps with the back drop of a beautiful sunset? In the company of family, friends and a thermos with a hot drink, the day will be a success.

An activity that suits both children and adults, young and old, beginners and experienced. But, please remember to check the weather report, think about your safety and remember the ice studs!

For all places that are suitable for ice skating in Hjo, visit our map here >>


Photographer: Sofia Svensson


2. Winter hiking Västra Vätterleden

The trail Västra Vätterleden, runs along the west side of lake Vättern. The whole trail is approximately 195 kilometres long, divided in 8 suggested day walks. Commencing in Hjo you can follow the trail north, towards Röå (day walk number 4), or south towards Baståsen (day walk 5). These day walks are 26 and 23 kilometrese long and offer easy hiking along a mix of smaller forest trails and low-traffic roads. 

Map over day walk north - number 4 >>

Map over day walk south - number 5 >>


3. Sleep outdoors

Cold water bathing, or winter bathing, has become immensely popular and is good for your health we have been told. But, having said that, couldn't sleeping outside be equally as good for you we ask? So, we suggest, pack a warm sleeping bag, good food that is suitable for cooking over a fireplace, grab a friend or a loved one head out for some winter camping. There are several windbreaks to choose from.

Visit our map showing all windbreaks available in the area >>


4. A colourful sunrise over Lake Vättern

In January and February, spectacular sunrises are offered over Lake Vättern. Intense colours in yellow, orange, purple and pink that colours the sky and the lake, make it worth stepping up that hour a wee bit too early.


Photographer: Jesper Anhede


5. Cold water bathing in Lake Vättern

The positive effects from cold water bathing, or winter bathing, have become well known in recent years. But, we ask ourselves what those effects are? Well, in addition to providing an overall feeling of wellbeing, some research also shows that really cold baths have significantly reduced tension and fatigue, it boosts helps boost your immune system, enhances your body circulation and is said to be great for your mental health. In some research projects participants have also reported a relieved pain associated with rheumatism, fibromyalgia and asthma.

So, no more procrastination, just grab your bathing gear, some warm clothes and a thermos with a hot drink and go and take a cold dip in Europe's fifth largest lake, Lake Vättern.

A few tips before you dip: 

  • Acclimatise
    When the body is immersed in cold water, its natural reaction is to gasp for breath. Hence, enter the water slowly. 
  • Keep close to the shore
    If you suddenly should get a cramp, get tired or become too cold, you can quickly get out of the water.   
  • Choose the right clothing
    Wear for example a warm hat to keep your head warm. And, have warm clothes ready nearby so that you immediately afterwards can put them on.
  • Bring a hot drink
    Bring a thermos with a hot drink to have after your cold dip.   
  • Know your limits
    Do not push yourself too hard.  
  • Warm up slowly
    Avoid the temptation to have a hot shower after your cold water dip. This can cause your blood pressure to drop as your blood vessels open up too fast. Instead, dry off and get dressed in warm clothes. 


Photographer: Visit Hjo