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Photographer: Göran Magnusson


Steamboat Trafik - Visit the Island Visingsö

Day Tour to the biggest Island in lake Vättern

Hjo's steamboat Trafik is one of Sweden’s oldest steamboats built back in 1892. In the summer, our visitors have the opportunity join tours each week to various destinations in Lake Vättern. The island Visingsö is one of the most visited destinations.





You travel from Hjo in the morning at 10 am and will be back in Hjo at 6.15 pm. The journey takes approximately 2 hours 15 minutes.

You spend approximately 4 hours on the island. Read about what to see and visit during your stay at Visingsö here >>

Dates available 2024:
Sunday 9 June 
Saturday 7 July
Sunday 28 July
Sunday 4 August
Sunday 11 August
Sunday 18 August



  • Light refreshments are available on board. However, the boat does not have an alcohol license.
  • Toilet facilities are available on board. Open seating on board (sit where space is available).
  • Purchase your ticket online in advance to guarantee a spot on the tour.
  • Remaining tickets, if available, will be sold at the pier before departure (payment by cash/Swish).
  • Wheelchairs/mobility scooters/strollers can be brought on board (though they cannot be moved between decks due to stairs) - the gangway is 75 cm wide.
  • The boat does not have an accessible toilet.
  • All passengers have access to life jackets (child sizes available).
  • For infants - please bring your own life jacket.
  • Changing tables are available on board.
  • Seating available under cover at the stern, in lounge areas and below deck indoors, seating available at the bow without cover.
  • Live music on board can be heard well from any seating location.
  • Dogs are allowed on board but must remain on deck.


  • Tickets are non-transferable/non-refundable.
  • Online booking is available up to 1 hour before departure.
  • Any remaining tickets will be sold at the pier before departure.




The Society of Friends of S/S Trafik.

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Steamboat cruises on Lake Vättern

Take the steamer Trafik out into the scenic Vättern archipelago and experience unique places. During the summer the boat departs from the port of Hjo, the “timbered town”, bound for beautiful Visingsö, Vadstena and Hästholmen. There are pleasant day and family trips as well as musical cruises and group excursions.

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