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  • Photographer: Göran Magnusson


Steamboat Trafik - Visit the Island Visingsö

Day Tour to the biggest Island in lake Vättern

PLEASE NOTE! All tours with the steamer Trafik are CANCELLED 2020. The tours are being cancelled due to the Corona virus Covid-19 and the public health authorities / the governments restrictions on public gatherings of more than 50 people (the boat can hold up to 150 people). 



Hjo's steamboat Trafik is one of Sweden’s oldest steamboats built back in 1892. In the summer, our visitors have the opportunity join tours each week to various destinations in Lake Vättern, mostly Visingsö island.

Visit the Island Visingsö

You travel from Hjo in the morning at 10 am and will be back in Hjo at 6.15 pm. The journey takes approximately 2 hours 15 minutes. You have about 4 hours to spend on the island. Several dates are avalable, between 14 of june to 16 of august.

  • Dates available:
    Sunday 14 June 
    Sunday 28 June 
    Saturday 18 July
    Sunday 26 July
    Sunday 2 August
    Sunday 9 August
    Sunday 16 August (due to a historical festival the time of arrival in Hjo will be later, 7 pm)

Practical information about the trip

  • Cost:
    Kids under 7 years travel for free
    Children up to 12 years kost SEK 120
    Adults cost SEK 250.
  • Pre book your spots by contacting Visit Hjo, tourist information. Read about what you can do during your stay here.
  • Booking are made through Hjo Tourist Information Center;, +46 (0) 503 352 55
  • You pay your ticket before boarding - be there about 20 minutes before take off. You pay with cash (or through the Swedish app "Swish"). It does not apply to the Jazz-trips (you pay these in advance)
  • All passenger names must recount when booking is made. We also need a phone number and email to reach you. Name are required by swedish authorities/swedish law

About Trafik 

Trafik boasts a fascinating history. She was built back in 1892 and, at that time, she transported goods and passengers between Hjo and Hästholmen on the other side of Lake Vättern.

However, over time she only operated in the summer and, in 1959, services across Lake Vättern stopped altogether. Trafik was laid up in the harbour and even sank to the lakebed for a few weeks because she was in such poor condition.

Then "Sällskapet S/S Trafiks Vänner" (Friends of S/S Trafik) was formed. The association bought the steamboat in 1972 and began restoring her at the shipyard in Sjötorp.

Finally, in 1977, she could return to Hjo harbour and today she is considered one of the best-preserved steamboats in Sweden, and is even listed. Furthermore, in 2013, the boat was awarded Working Life Museum of the Year. 

Other trips

During summertime steamboat Trafik has several destinations. You can visit the Island Visingsö which is the biggest Island in lake Vättern, experience a music evening onboard with live music, visit Vadstena for a day trip or or take a trip between Hjo and Hästholmen.

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Steamboat Trafik

During the summertime, the old steamboat from 1892 Trafik operates June to August. You can make a day-trip to Vadstena and Ödeshög on the east side of the lake Vättern. Or you can choose to visit Island Visingsö. Steamboat S/S Trafik is also offering jazz cruises where passengers can enjoy a magical evening on board listening to live music while cruising the waters of the lake. Sometimes they also do an one hour trip, if you are short on time.

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