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  • Photographer: Stampens Kvarn

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Stampens Kvarn

With focus on local produced groceries

Stampens Kvarn - located in an old mill - just west of Hjo and is beautifully situated along Hjo river. On your plate you will find mostly locally produced groceries. The food is home made and the restaurant is serving lunch and you can book catering.

About Stampens Kvarn

The mill has a unique environment from the late 1600s and there are about 70 seats indoors and even more outdoors. If the  weather permits you can sit at the millpond and drink your coffee. The mill made flour right into the middle of the 1960's. Everything  is well preserved, even the mills and the thick timber walls. 

Although the old mill can not grind its flour anymore (no spare parts can be found), they now have a new small mill grinding the flour to the freshly baked bread - that is served during lunch, or you can buy home. If you like baking you can buy the flour yourself.

A new restaurant kitchens where built with old style exterior, powered by electricity produced by water from Hjo river passing the mills turbines (when the water levels in the river allow it).

The Lodge
Stampens Kvarn is also suitable for parties and can be rented as such. There is also a lodge that can be rented for various festivities. Or you can participate in the yearly Oktoberfest that is ongoing sometime during September/October. Se the Events for more information.

Stampens Kvarn Food Truck

Visit Stampens Kvarn Food Truck and enjoy good food and drinks. The food trucks can be rented to different events - but for the daily opening hours, take a look at their Facebook page. It usually stands at Hjo Square (Stora Torget) or in Hjo wharf during the summer months.

Contact information

Stampens Kvarn

Stampens kvarn 1

544 92 Hjo

Phone: +46 503 105 51