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Skipper on the steamboat S/S Trafik in Hjo

Photographer: Jesper Anhede

Anders about the steamboat Trafik

Anders - about one of Sweden´s oldest steamboats from 1892.

My name is Anders Svenson and I work aboard Trafik, one of Sweden’s oldest steamboats. Trafik boasts a fascinating history. She was built back in 1892 and, at that time, she transported goods and passengers between Hjo and Hästholmen on the other side of Lake Vättern. However, over time she only operated in the summer and, in 1959, services across Lake Vättern stopped altogether. Trafik was laid up in the harbour and even sank to the lakebed for a few weeks because she was in such poor condition. Then Sällskapet S/S Trafiks Vänner (Friends of S/S Trafik) was formed. The association bought the steamboat in 1972 and began restoring her at the shipyard in Sjötorp. Finally, in 1977, she could return to Hjo harbour and today she is considered one of the best-preserved steamboats in Sweden, and is even listed. Furthermore, in 2013, we were named Working Life Museum of the Year, which we are very proud of. In the summer, we offer visitors an opportunity to charter Trafik or join tours each week to various destinations in Lake Vättern, mostly Visingsö island.