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Joakim at our guest harbour takes care of our boat tourists.

Photographer: Jesper Anhede

Joakim about the guest harbour

A fantastic place to be!

“My name is Joakim Andersson and I’m in charge of our harbour here in Hjo. I really enjoy working in the harbour, especially in peak season when it’s bustling with activity. It is a popular guest harbour located in the heart of Hjo, within walking distance of most facilities. People come by boat from all directions to visit us, not only from Sweden but also from many other countries across Europe. Here in the harbour-master’s office, where I can be found, we have a shower, toilets, a laundry room and fresh water available for our boat guests. We also hire out life jackets if needed. However, our harbour isn’t just open during the summer but also through the winter. For a couple of years now we’ve had de-icer equipment to keep the harbour ice-free. And there’s a boat ramp for anyone who has their own boat and, for example, wants to go out trolling for fish on Lake Vättern.”