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Photographer: Thomas Lotter

Unique cafées in Skaraborg

What would a day out be without some tasty refreshments at a cosy café? When out and about, it feels almost obligatory to call at a café for coffee and cakes. However, sometimes the café is so charming and special it can be a destination in itself. We have put together a list of cafés that are worth making a special journey for.

Garströms konditori – Lidköping

Entering Garströms konditori is like taking a step back in time. You will be greeted by a wonderfully elegant environment with a long counter and shelving right up to the ceiling. At Garströms everything is baked from scratch, with a range largely consisting of biscuits and cream cakes, but also many lactose-free and gluten-free options. 

Café Doppingen – Falköping

Café Doppingen is housed in an attractive building with a thatched roof and expansive windows, in the heart of the Västergötland countryside. Enjoy the matchless views of Lake Hornborgasjön as you savour the café’s delicious coffee & cakes and light meals – prepared with great passion for the region.

Photographer: Mårten Bergkvist

Vilhelmsro Gårdscafé – Falköping

In an old barn just a stone’s throw from central Falköping, you will find this incredibly charming farm café. You can enjoy coffee, cakes and more in a traditional, rural setting, where you are sure to want to take a seat and stay a while. Vilhelmsro is listed in Sweden’s White Guide and everything here, from the cooking to the interiors, has a local touch. Local organic ingredients are used as far as possible for all the baking and cooking.

Photographer: Tuana Fridén

Photographer: Tuana Fridén

Café Stallet – Lidköping

On the castle embankment in a small outer building, with the white towers of Läckö Castle in the background, you will find the seasonal Café Stallet. Here you can enjoy home-made bread, delicious cakes and pastries, light meals, ice creams and freshly brewed coffee. All with a Baroque castle as a backdrop! 

Gula Paviljongen – Hjo

Gula Paviljongen is Hjo’s very own organic ice cream café, producing home-made Wetternglass ice cream. Take a seat in their large garden area or have a stroll down to the nearby harbour as you savour your ice cream. No detail is overlooked at Gula Paviljongen, and everything served is organic, locally produced or Fairtrade. Almost everything is cooked, baked and created on site in the café. 

Café På Klostret – Götene

Amidst the fantastically beautiful scenery of Blomberg on Kinnekulle you will find Café På Klostret. Stepping into the barn, you are surrounded by a delightful rustic setting with a rural feel. The scent of a wide variety of fresh baking hangs in the air. They make everything from buns, round loaves, tea cakes, rye bread, wild garlic loaves and sourdough bread to hearty sandwiches and tasty soups.

Photographer: Martin Frick

Tiveds Kafferosteri – Karlsborg

In the heart of Tiveden is the family-run café Tiveds Kafferosteri. Step through the door of this cosy little café and breathe in the delightful smell of freshly roasted coffee. You can enjoy coffee roasted on site and home-made baked goods, with everything from pies, biscuits and a variety of cakes and pastries to their famed waffles. 

Österbergs Konditori – Skövde

A truly classic café in central Tidan with a 1950s feel. The café was built in 1955 and sells a wide range of items from its own bakery, many of which are baked to traditional recipes.

Moster Elins Glass – Hjo

The harbourmaster’s cottage in the idyllic village of Hjo was formerly home to harbourmaster Klas and his sweetheart Moster Elin. The cottage now houses the ice cream café, serving colourful ice-cream creations non-stop to throngs of summer tourists. The café’s creative menu uses high-quality organic products.

Photographer: Jesper Anhede

Rådhuskonditoriet – Lidköping

The historic town hall building, in the centre of Nya stadens torg in Lidköping, houses this classic café, founded in 1957. It serves traditional cakes, pastries, biscuits and bread. Their range also includes the famed Läckökringlan (a sweet pretzel), which is a real speciality for Lidköping residents. 

Hellekis Trädgårdscafé & Kök – Götene 

Hellekis Manor can be found amidst leafy surroundings with grazing horses and beautiful gardens. Here in the garden café you can enjoy lovingly prepared food and freshly baked cakes under 100-year-old grape vines in the old orangery. You can choose everything from sweet buns and biscuits to tasty, warming soups or light meals. 

Hova Konditori – Hova 

This little 1950s café in the heart of Hova is big on charm. You can enjoy a cup of coffee and classic cakes and pastries as you take a break from the stresses of everyday life. 

Café Bella Mi – Lidköping

Located in old, cosily furnished premises in the centre of Lidköping, you will find this popular café. The reason for its popularity? Well, it could have something to do with the multitude of scrumptious cupcakes, light lunches and tasty sandwiches. Their range also includes everything from gluten-free to vegan options, quite simply a café for everyone to enjoy. 

Photographer: Bella Mi

Conditori Nordpolen – Vara

At Conditori Nordpolen you can enjoy handmade cakes and chocolates made by skilled pastry chefs. You will always be greeted by a friendly smile and top-quality cakes and pastries to enjoy. Take a seat inside the patisserie or enjoy the sun outside in the garden area. A perfect destination for coffee and cakes. 

Photographer: Eveline Johnsson