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Koster - all year round!

The main visitor season for the Koster Islands is from early spring until late autumn. During high season, from mid-June until mid-August, the islands receive a large number of visitors, however, this is a destination with lots to offer whatever the time of year. A large part of the ilands is a nature reserve with strikingly beautiful landscape and a species-rich flora. The best way to get around South Koster is by bike or on foot. North Koster is the smaller island, where walking is the best form of transportation.

The boat from Strömstad brings you to these most westerly, populated islands of Sweden. South Koster is the larger at 8 km2 and offers gentle walks and cycling trips through its verdant countryside and along the coast. North Koster covers an area of just 4 km2 of tightly packed but stunning natural beauty and here you find several marked hiking trails. 



In the spring, the islands are calm and peaceful. This is the perfect time to enjoy a pleasant walk across flowering meadows, where hepatica, wood anemone, cowslips, orchids and lily-of-the-valley grow.


The summer is a hectic period, as everyone from day-trippers to holidaymakers and second home owners enjoy the many activities and experiences the islands have to offer.  


In the autumn, many of the coastal plants flower again and the water temperature remains comfortable at least until October. Strong westerly winds bring various Atlantic birds to the islands, including northern gannets, common guillemots, auks, fulmars, shags and other species. The lobster season has begun and the gentle pace of life on the islands will bring solace to restless minds.


In the winter, the weather is very variable, but as long as you wear suitable clothes and bring a flask of hot drink it is possible to enjoy a refreshing walk through the barren winter landscape with the wind biting your cheeks.