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Photographer: Karin Björk

The Svinesund Bridges

Joining Sweden and Norway

Europe's most beautiful border crossing

The Svinesund Bridges provide a landmark which is well-known to both Swedes and Norwegians. The bridges connect our two countries across Idefjorden. 

The old Svinesund Bridge was opened with great ceremony on 15 June 1946, by the Norwegian king and the Swedish crown prince. The bridge is 67 metres high and connects Sweden and Norway. The views from the old bridge make them well worth a visit.

The traffic has increased over the years, and at the end of last century it was decided to build a new highway and bridge between Norway and Sweden. June 10th 2005 the new bridge opened between those two countries. it is partly made from local granite taken from the site of the old bridge. The beautifully shaped arch has attracted a lot of interest and attention, not least for its design and construction. This elegant span stretching 67 meters above the Ringdalsfjord, is Northern Europe's highest bridge.

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