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Photographer: Göran Assner

Nature- and culture in Bullaren

At the calm waters of the lakes Bullaresjöarna, you are offered an exciting roundtrip with canoe or kayak at about 9 km. Paddle, enjoy and explore the nature of Bullaren in the very best way.

Paddle on your own, starting at Sundshult in Bullaren:

This trip starts at Sundshult in Bullaren. You can either bring your own canoe or kayak, or rent your equipment at Minto Tingvall. If you choose to rent your equipment, you can start your trip at Minto Tingvall where they offer transportation to the start and end of your trip. 

Starting your paddle trip at Sundshult, head  north east  and make a short turn to access Kynnälv and put sight at the beautiful waterfall of Kynneälv. From the inlet of Kynneälv, you can spot Olsborg, the ruins of an old hill-fort, well worth a visit. Keep paddling about 800 meters until you reach a small beach where you easily can get ashore. The old hill-fort and an old monument is accessible from the beach, trekking up the mountain. From the old ruins you can enjoy a wonderful view over the lake.  

When you're ready, keep paddling along the east shoreline for about 3 km until you reach the beach of Östad. A short walk from here (200m) you will find the small village museum. You can have a look at old things from the area. In the village of Östad there is a local grossery store open year around. A perfect place to restock your provisions.  

After your break, head south at the west side of the lake. After just a few hundred meters you will reach the old stairway to Naverstad Church. Back in the days visitors from the lake area arrived to the church by boat. The path to the church is a bit timeworn, but is good enough to take you to the church and the graveyard decended from the Iron Age. The church of Naverstad was buildt in the end of the 12th century and is beautiful located overlooking the south lake Bullaresjön. The church is said to be one of the best preserved middle age churches in Bohuslän, and holding some of the most beautiful tree sculptures in Bohuslän. Next to the church you will find the old grave field from the Iron Age with big stones and an amount of mounds.  

After your visit at the church, continue your paddle trip heading south. You will pass wonderful cliffs well suited for a swim in the wonderful and inviting lake. Before you finish your day, take a break at the beach of Sundshult and dare to try out the diving tower and enjoy the white sand beach with a cold drink and a camp fire.