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Gathering, cooking and learning all about seaweed

Learn which varieties of seaweed are good to eat, where to find them and how to prepare them. Catxalot offers workshops, lectures and activities that are all related to seaweed and beach plants for everyone interested in learning how to gather these marine delicacies. You can also buy seaweed based delicacies from our small shop to enjoy at home.

Experience seaweed and the sea

If you have some experience with a kayak, you can glide along with a group from Catxalot in the Grebbestad archipelago, look out for seaweed and gather it while still afloat. You can also go on a seaweed safari and learn which varieties of seaweed are good to eat, where to find them and how to harvest them sustainably; or join an organised walk over the islands through honey-scented summer meadows, along cliffs, and over beaches and heaths.

Learn to cook with seaweed

Seaweed is tasty and nutritious, so why not use this exciting raw material in your cooking? Book a course on cooking with seaweed! The ingredients will be harvested for you, so just turn up hungry and curious. You’ll get to know more about seaweed and prepare dishes from recipes, or you can improvise your own. Catxalot is certified by A Taste of West Sweden. This certification is reserved for restaurants, producers and farm shops which offer sustainable, genuine west Swedish products and dining based on seasonal local produce.

Skin care using seaweed

The best skin care is what you make yourself. Seaweed baths and face masks, salty seaweed scrubs and soothing seaweed packs are simple and fun to put together

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