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Photographer: Hanna Sallén Lennerthson


Seaweed, the deep blue and love

Catxalot is a small company in Grebbestad that has really put seaweed on the menu in Sweden. Book a course or event with cooking included, or a lecture on seaweed, all with or without accommodation.

Swedish seaweed - environmentally friendly food

Catxalot has put Swedish seaweed, in particular from Bohuslän, on the world map and aims to be the leading source of knowledge on seaweed as a food product in Sweden. Interest in cooking with seaweed has boomed, these green algae plants being tasty, healthy, beautiful and a very environmentally friendly resource. For several years, Catxalot supplied seaweed to the country's top restaurants with the motto: "Seaweed, sea and love"!


Courses at sea, on land and in restaurant kitchens

Catxalot arranges courses and events, gives lectures and trains new seaweed entrepreneurs, and is now opening a branch in Grundsund on the West Coast. Here is a small selection of the courses you can book:
- Seaweed safari
- Lecture
- Seaweed kayak tours
- Coastal foraging
- Private courses and events

If you are interested in training as a certified seaweed guide, Catxalot offers a Masterclass: "Seaweed foraging, food & health" - more course information here!
Contact Catxalot to get a discount on your accommodation when you take a course.

Photographer: Tina Stafren


For Catxalot, sustainability means something that will last well into the future. What we do today can be done tomorrow, in 10 or in 100 years’ time, without any negative impact. The entire business concept is based on this idea, which is an essential aspect of harvesting wild seaweed. Welcome to Catxalot!

Contact information


Gata 23

457 95 Grebbestad

Phone: +46 709147299

E-mail: info@catxalot.se

Website: catxalot.se