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Hamburgsund is located both on the mainland and the island Hamburgö. You are given many opportunities to discover the archipelago and nature of Bohuslän close up.

Hamburgsund is a village in Tanum and is located both on the mainland and the island Hamburgö. Between the two areas you can go with a cable ferry which is operating in the 130 meter wide Hamburgsund channel. 

In the village there is a large proportion of the older buildings remain in the form of boat houses and residential buildings.  

Hornborgs castle ruins was in use in the 1500s and every summer the Hornbore Ting is organized, a Viking game and Viking market.

Chartered boats can take you out into the archipelago from Hamburgsund, and boat tours from elsewhere in Bohuslän also operates the resort.  

Hamburgsunds marina is quiet and family friendly, close to the city center and the range of restaurants and shops. Fine beaches are within walking distance of one of the two docks. One part of the marina is located on the mainland and the other on the island Hamburgö. The Service houses are of high standard and there is, apart shower and toilets, also a washing machine. The marina office is open daily from mid-June to late August. 

History and curiosities

Already in the 1000s there was probably a thing venue where Honborgs castle ruins  is located by the Hamburgsund channel just south of Hamburgsund.
The year 1558 is mentioned Hamburgsund as a customs station and numerous ships that brought herring in the area during the 1500s are reported the customs paper for Öresund.Several tryworks was built in the 1700s thanks to Hamburgsunds protected location along the channel.

Settlement in the area began when people started conducting shipping momentum after that urban monopoly on shipping repealed during the 1800s. Ships from Hamburgsund and the surrounding islands, carrying wood and brick from Norway, coal and coke from Gothenburg and herring and stone from Bohuslän.  

During the latter part of the 1800s, there were two stone cutter´s shops in Hamburgsund, while fishing then still had its base in Sjöviken on Hamburgös west side.  

Adventures and sights


For those looking for natural and cultural experiences both on land and at sea will find it in and around Hamburgsund.

The ruin of Hornborgs castle ruins was excavated at the beginning of the last century and among the findings the back of cannon, cannonballs, bullets and other weapons of the older model were found. Today, low grassy embankments are the only remains of what was once the Hornborg Castle. The findins show that the period of greatness of the castle was around 1450-1530.

Gotte-Lars cottage is the only remaining hogback cottage in the surroundings. Up to waits level it rests on a mound of ground. Gotte-Lars, who was born in 1835 was short and could not do any heavy work. Instead, he sold biscuits and cough drops to be able to support themselves.

Gerlesborgsskolan right next to the sea engaged in artistic education, short courses, open cultural activities, concerts, lectures and open art workshops for children. The school offers every summer studio apartments for rent.

In Bottna is a natural formation that has been named Ramberg's Church. It consists of large boulders, and between them has formed passages and rooms. The last Catholic priest in Bottna were driven here in the mid- 1500s, the priest was called Ramberg and hence the name.

Just north of Gerlesborg is Valön nature reserve. It has excellent opportunities for swimming and fishing. Steep rocky shores dominate on the west side but there are also areas with expansive meadows. In the reserve grows more flowers and mosses who thrives on the higher-lying meadows.

In Hamburgsund you can rent sea kayaks and on your own take a trip around the archipelago. With chartered boats you can go on tours to the Weather Islands, Hamburgsunds archipelago, Fjällbacka and Hamburgsunds proud symbol of Saltskär käring. In different cardinal directions the symbol adopts different character. A young maid, a pregnant woman and an old salt female.

The municipal swimming area at Norra Ejde Pluret is child friendly with a sandy beach, toilet and pier. Bovikens swimming area on Hamburgö has sandy beach, dock, diving tower and toilet.

In Hamburgsund there are several restaurants and cafés with a varied selection.

Contact information

Tanum Turist

45745 Hamburgsund

Phone: +46 525 61188

E-mail: info@turistenvast.se

Website: bohuslan.com/tanum