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Photographer: Joachim Nywall

The Waterfall area in Trollhätte Canalpark

See the wonder of nature at the Trollhättan waterfall area. Here you will find the Trollhättan Waterfall, which during the summer offers its guests a magnificent spectacle when the gates are opened and 300 000 liters of water per second fall into the otherwise empty channel (Please note, during the summer of 2023 there are no release of water in the falls, more info)

In addition to the waterfall, there are also several historic sites to visit here, from Trollhättan's own royal guestbook; Kungsgrottan, to Forngården where you can see buildings from old Trollhättan preserved.

Discover the area with the De Laval Walk

With the help of the De Laval Walk, you can discover the Waterfall area on foot on both sides of the falls. The walk is 1.6 kilometers and runs partly on pavement street and partly in uneven forest terrain. 

Along the way you pass several exciting places to visit and with the help of the map you can read more about them.