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The sandy beach of Gardesanna by Lake Vänern, people sunbathing.

Photographer: BildIT

Public beaches at Lake Vänern

Take a dip in Sweden's largest lake; Vänern. Vänersborg offers five large and beautiful beaches, one of which is almost in the middle of town. Lake Vänern offers clean freshwater for it's guests to swim in.

Park Skräcklan - cozy swimming area near the Vänersborg city center

In Park Skräcklan, just north of central Vänersborg are several small cozy places to go in the waters of Lake Vänern along the Birger Sjöberg road. On Jakob Island, which can be reached over a footbridge, there is a trampoline.

In Park Skräcklan there is also a playground, toilets, benches and Skräcklestugan café that serves prawn sandwiches and other good food and drink during summer. 

Find Park Skräcklan on Google Maps here. 

Ursand - Sandy beach with beautiful cliffs at Ursand Resort and Camping

Three kilometers north of Vänersborg lies a popular sandy beach with nearby beautiful bathing cliffs at Vänersborg's largest campsite; Ursand. Here are toilets, a playground, kiosk, restaurant and more. 

Be sure to visit the camping area and the restaurant overlooking Lake Vänern. Ursand also offers canoe and bike rental, heated outdoor pool and adventure golf. 

Find Ursand beach on Google Maps here. 

Gardesanna - Child-friendly sandy beach at the foot och Halleberg mountain

At the foot of Halleberg mountain by Vänersnäs lies the Gardesanna beach, a fine sandy beach with bathing cliffs. The beach is fairly shallow and the water temperature will usually be comfortable during sunny summer days. A kiosk is open close to the beach. Parking facilities and toilets are also available. 

Close to the beach are many summer cottages and a small boat harbor, so there is a lot to see if you want to go for a walk. Even the great Halleberg mountain lies at an attractive distance. A walk up through Skalklev to the viewpoint is recommended for a great view of the whole Vänersnäs area. 

Find Gardesanna beach on Google Maps here. 

Nordkroken - Shallow sandy beach with a beautiful view of Lake Vänern

A fantastic sandy beach near the town of Vargön that is shallow, making the water warm after just a few days of sunshine. Temperatures above 25 degrees is commonplace during hot summer days. 

Right next to the beach are the cliffs of Halleberg, giving the area an almost exotic feel. Here is a big round swing where the children can play and there are toilets near the beach. 

Find Nordkroken beach on Google Maps here. 

Sikhall - Sandy beach north of Vänersborg near Sikhall Camping

About twenty kilometers north of Vänersborg lies Sikhall in a beautiful bay. Here you will find a long, child-friendly sandy beach with beautiful lawns to sit on and the nearby Sikhall's campingsite offers shops and food. Toilets are also located near the beach. 

Find Sikhall beach on Google Maps here.