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2.5 km, easy

A perfect walk when you are in the center of Trollhättan which takes you out on the green oasis Spikön which is an island located between the Göta river and the water of the Trollhätte canal. On Spikön there are several cozy places to visit such as Skrotnisse's playground, duck pond and an outdoor gym. On the other side, in the center of Trollhättan, you walk along Strandgatan street where there are several restaurants overlooking the water.

Quick facts

Length: 2.5 km
Time required: 30 minutes
Difficulty: easy
Terrain: paved or solid soil. Mostly flat but three bridges.


Center and nature by the Trollhätte canal

Start your walk along Spikörundan (Nail Island Walk) on Strandgatan, the street that runs along the dug Trollhätte canal. Here are several cosy restaurants that offer fantastic views of the canal. You can go either north or south, but if you go south, you follow the street all the way to Klaffbron, the car bridge that crosses the canal right by the hotel Scandic Swania.

Cross the bridge and keep to the right and you are on Spikön, the artificial islands in the waters of the Göta River that were formed when the Trollhätte canal was dug. There is a lot to see here, such as the popular Skrotnisse's playground, a summeropen café, duck pond, guest harbor and an outdoor gym. Follow Spikön all the way until you reach the railway bridge. This bridge was built in 2001 and is a lift bridge that is the only one of its kind in Sweden. Cross the bridge and get a beautiful picture over the Trollhätte canal and then turn right and go back towards Strandgatan street.

This 2.5 km long walk is very popular among both Trollhätte residents and visitors to the city and offers a quiet and beautiful walk near the center with lots of nature and a lot to see. Perfect for a short evening walk and if you are lucky you will see the large cargo ships traveling along the Trollhätte canal on their way north towards Lake Vänern or south towards Gothenburg.

Trollhättan's Canal walks

Spikörundan together with Slussrundan (the Lock Walk) and Innovatumrundan (Innovatum Walk) are included in Trollhättan's Canal walks. These three walks gives you not only beautiful views but also a wide range of exciting attractions to visit along the Trollhätte canal. Spikörundan, which is 2.5 km and the shortest of them, goes over the island Spikön and along Strandgatan street in the center while Slussrundan is 7.5 km and continues all the way down to the Trollhättan's lock area and back. Innovatumrundan is 5 km long and does not go all the way down to the locks but to the popular Innovatum District and back.

You can read more about Trollhattan Canal Walks here.


Fact about the trail


Spikörundan is a total of 2.5 km long.

Approximate times:

The walk takes about 25 minutes to walk.


Gray signs with yellow markings and the name Spikörundan.

Level of difficulty:

Light degree of difficulty with mostly flat surfaces of asphalt or trampled soil.

Start and end:

You can start your walk along the round wherever you want, but if you are still in the city center, Strandgatan street or Klaffbron bridge are good landmarks to start from. You can go in any direction you want along the walk.

How to get here:

Strandgatan street is located in the western part of Trollhättan's city center, right by the water of the Trollhätte canal. The street is only about 300 meters from Drottningtorget square. Klaffbron bridge is located at the southern end of Strandgatan street by the hotel Scandic Swania, also just about 300 meters from Drottningtorget square. Nearby there is a parking garage where you can park your car if you are visiting.


A digital map of the trail can be found on Google Maps.

An overview map of Trollhättan's Canal walks can be downloaded here (PDF).

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