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Photographer: Ellinore Wagnervik

Outdoor gyms i Vänersborg

Work out for free in nature

In Vänersborg, there are plenty of outdoor gyms with all you need for your workout in nature. They are located both near the city center and outside, close to water and forest and many in connection with great running tracks. Which one is your favorite?

Sjövallen's outdoor gym & obstacle course

At Sjövallen, close to Skräcklan and the city center, next to the MTB track, you will find two sections with a modern outdoor gym and an obstacle course that allows exercise for the whole body.

Skräcklan's outdoor gym

By lake Vänern along Birger Sjöberg's path, the gym is surrounded by beautiful nature. It is located along the Health path - a good trail for running. Here is a modern range of training stations.

Holmängen's outdoor gym & multisport arena

The gym is of the obstacle course type and is suitable for both large and small athletes. Why not try it when you take the run around Holmängen? It is also located next to a multi-sport arena.

Onsjö's outdoor gym

Right next to Åbon's playground in Onsjö is a modern and fresh section with an outdoor gym with everything you could possibly need for your session. Not far from there is also a multi-sport arena.

Vargön's outdoor gym

Close to Café Villa Björkås, along the nice walking path, you will find a nice outdoor gym in the forest grove. Here you will find equipment for your training sessions in nature.

Brålanda's outdoor gym

In the Centerpark in Brålanda you will find a lovely outdoor gym, right next to a playground and a gravel pitch.

Frändefors outdoor gym

At the end of Prästängsgatan next to Frändeån, this natural outdoor gym is next to a large green area with a large variety of equipment.

More inspiration?

Do you want to know more about your opportunities for sports and outdoor life? Visit Vänersborg Municipality's website for a map of, among other things, multi-sport arenas, pump tracks and outdoor activities.