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The obstacle course at Sjövallen outdoors on a sunny day

Photographer: Ellinore Wagnervik

Sjövallen's outdoor gym & obstacle course

At Sjövallen, a stone's throw from Skräckleparken and the city center, next to the MTB track, you will find two different sections with a modern outdoor gym adapted for the slightly older, and an obstacle course that allows exercise for the whole body.

Sjövallen's obstacle course

Beautifully located in the green near Lake Vänern, you will find an obstacle course where you can get your heart rate up. Perfect for training your endurance, strength and balance. Here you can challenge your training partner on these obstacles:

  • The net wall
  • Parallel balance
  • Arm walk
  • Rope walk
  • Balancing
  • Wall obstacle with climbing rope

Sjövallen's Outdoor Gym

Near the obstacle course is this outdoor gym, which is adapted for the slightly older. There is also a wind shelter and barbecue area nearby.


  • Balance boom
    Divided into three sections of increasing difficulty.
  • Flex wheel
    Provides strength and mobility in both the lower and upper body as well as the trunk and thereby a better posture.
  • Free Runner
    Trains the lower body by simply simulating the running experience.
  • Double chest press
    For strength in arms and chest muscles. Designed to suit people with physical disabilities.
  • Arm cycle
    Effective muscle training for the upper body, is suitable for everyone. Designed to be used by everyone, sitting, standing or from a wheelchair.
  • Cross trainer
    Gentle on knees and joints while effectively improving fitness.
  • Push Up bars
    Exercises shoulders, chest, upper back and triceps by lifting yourself.

Get here

Where Skräckleparken meets Sjövallen, and Axel Eriksson's road begins, you will find Sjövallen's Outdoor Gym and obstacle course, closely followed by the MTB course and barbecue area.

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