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157 XCC

Sports shop and service specialized in cross-country skiing, cykling and running

At Lassalyckan in Ulricehamn there is a sports shop where you can buy skis, bikes and everything related to running. They also have a good supply for outdoor life as well as shoes and clothes for different types of training.

Sportstore with skis

Photographer: Ulricehamns turistbyrå

A new type of sports shop and service workshop

At 157XCC they want to take you to the next level in cross-country skiing, cycling and running. 

They are a premium service destination store designed for cardio athletes demanding quality and function in clothing and equipment. here you can find clothes, shoes and equipment for all wallets and exercisers. 

157XCC's shop is just a few meters from ski tracks, mtb loops and running paths. In the workshop, they grind and sharpen skis with the most modern tools and machines. They prepare and service bicycles and, ofcourse, offer coffee.

Rental of MTB-bikes

157XCC offers MTB rental for adults and juniors. Perfect for those who want to try Mountainbike or don't have the oppurtunity to bring their own bike to Lassalyckan's fantastic trails. Contact the store for questions and booking. For example Ghost Lanao, Ghost Kato, Ghost Kato 24 And Lector LC are available for rental. A full day for adults costs 600 SEK and for juniors 157 SEK. If you rent two adult bikes, you get the rental for juniors for free. It is also possible to rent a MTB for half a day for 400 SEK.

Rental of skis

During ski season, they offer rental of cross-country skiing equipment for adults. Contact the store for questions and booking. In here, you can also buy track cards for cross-country skiing and get help with waxing, tips and sharpening. 

Contact information

157 XCC

Sanatoriebacken 8 A

52333 Ulricehamn

Phone: +46 321 185580

Website: 157xcc.com/sv-se/