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Lindas Träningscenter

The personal training center with lots to offer

Lindas Träningscenter is the personal training center with the large selection and the little extra! They offer something for everyone.

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Photographer: Pricca Studios

Downtown and Uptown

Lindas Träningscenter has a large variety of different group trainings and workout classes, aswell as two well-equipped facilities. They have their center Downtown on Boråsvägen in Ulricehamn, where you can take part in many different group sessions. Here, they offer everything from dance and rhythmic classes to medium-hard half-hour sessions to tougher sessions with the help of weights and boards. There is also a large gym with many different machines, weights and equipment of various kinds. In the newly built facility Uptown, which is located at Lassalyckan in Ulricehamn, you will be welcomed by a large airy room with high ceilings and lots of different things. Here you can push large and heavy tires, take part in circle training outside and inside, climb ropes, go monkey bar climbing and much more! 

High quality group training

Lindas träningscenter offers high quality group training. They have both workouts that are designed by their personal trainers and well-trained instructors, aswell as worldwide known classes from the Les Mills concept.

Membership card

They have several different types of membership cards, in order for it to suit everyone. Senior discounts and favorable student prices, among other things. You can also buy a gift card to give away. 

Contact information

Lindas Träningscenter

Boråsvägen 50 samt Lassalyckan

523 37 Ulricehamn

Phone: +46 321 167 80

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