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Photographer: ulricehamnsturistbyra.se

Mitt i sjön

Treats aching backs and general fatigue

Enjoy treatments for aching backs and general fatigue. Imagine a warm massage with hot lava stones or a classic full body massage. Whatever treatment you decide on, a sauna and a dip in lake Åsunden, near the west Swedish municipality Ulricehamn, is always included.

Spectacular location

In the middle of the lake you will find Ulricehamns Kallbadhus, built on monumental columns a little way out from the shore of Lake Åsunden. A long jetty leads to the beautiful building, which is open all year round as a bathhouse. From here you can enjoy an enchanting view of the lake and Kråkebo nature reserve.


Enjoy Mitt i Sjön together

At Mitt i Sjön, meaning in the middle of the lake, you can treat yourself to some moments on your own or share them with someone you love. You and your friends could celebrate a birthday here, or perhaps your friend is about to get married. Mitt i Sjön can arrange special events and treatments for all occasions and is always open to suggestions. A health evening with a talk and then testing products is often appreciated. Massage courses are very popular, too, either at the spa or in the comfort of your own home. 

Photographer: Lukasz Warzecha


Contact information

Mitt i Sjön


52337 Ulricehamn

Phone: +46 321 148 55

E-mail: info@mittisjon.se

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