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Photographer: Anders Jungemark

Ulricehamn City

A thriving and living center

City Association is a collaboration between the shops and businesses in Ulricehamn. They organize different activities and operate to make the city center with its pedestrian street a thriving and living center.

City Association

Ulricehamn with its beautiful location is often described as Åsunden’s gem. The historic riding tracks is today the city's pedestrian street and was an important trading center in earlier times. Many of the buildings along the pedestrian street originated in the early 1700s and 1800s. Ulricehamn offers a relaxed environment to live and thrive in, with a wide range of shops.

Shopping, "fika" and dinner in the central of Ulricehamn

Here you can purchase well-known clothing brands, jewelry, perfumes, home decorations. There are also several well-stocked grocery stores and much more. Take a break from the shopping, enjoy a cup of coffee or a nice dinner with a friend. In Ulricehamn there are both cozy cafes and nice restaurants to choose from.

25 000 customers in 2020

A comprehensive project to enhance the competitiveness of the trade center in Ulricehamn. Focus on purchasing loyalty of the local residents based on a common vision. 5% increase in customer loyalty - 11% increase in the customer base - 250 million increase in sales / year.


Contact information

Ulricehamns Cityförening


52330 Ulricehamn

Phone: +46 321 59 59 69

E-mail: info@cityforeningen.se

Website: ulricehamncity.se