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Photographe: Roger Borgelid

International newsletters

This page is where West Sweden Tourist Board collects newsletters that are distributed to overseas journalists, tour operators, and industry professionals.

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2024 newsletters

2 May: News from West Sweden 

27 February: News from West Sweden

7 February: News from West Sweden 


2023 newsletters

24 November: Toeristisch niews uit West-Zweden (Belgien)

16 November: News from West Sweden (International)

22 August: News from West Sweden (International) 

27 July: Toeristisch niews uit West-Zweden (Belgium)

21 June: News from West Sweden (International) 

30 May: News from West Sweden (International)

26 May: Toeristisch niews uit West-Zweden (Belgium)

22 March: Toeristisch niews uit West-Zweden (Belgium)

3 March: News from West Sweden (International)

9 January: Toeristisch niews uit West-Zweden (Belgium)


2022 newsletters

29 November: Toeristisch niews uit West-Zweden (Belgium)

24 November: News from West Sweden (International)

27 October: Toeristisch niews uit West-Zweden (Belgium) 

30 September: Toeristisch niews uit West-Zweden (Belgium)

19 September: News from West Sweden (International) 

22 August: Toeristisch niews uit West-Zweden (Belgium)

28 June: Toeristisch niews uit West-Zweden (Belgium)

23 June: News from West Sweden (International) 

1 June: Toeristisch nieuws uit West-Zweden (Belgium)

28 April: News from West Sweden (International)

26 April: Toeristisch nieuws uit West-Zweden (Belgium)

29 March: Toeristisch nieuws uit West-Zweden (Belgium)

17 March: News from West Sweden (International)


2021 newsletters (international)

1 December: News from West Sweden: Stepping up Sustainability award winners m.m.

Stepping Up Sustainability

News from Gothenburg & West Sweden 2021


2020 newsletters (international)

The New York Times pays tribute to sustainable West Sweden


2019 newsletters (international)

Explore beyond the City this Christmas

A new website showcasing the best hiking trails in West Sweden

More tables in West Sweden for the Edible Country 

Welcome to West Sweden - The Edible Country


2018 newsletters (international)

West Swedish paddling on worldwide television - Gothenburg & West Sweden

Island hopping street art and glasshouse - Explore West Sweden this summer

From city to island in around an hour - Gothenburg & West Sweden


2017 newsletters (international)

Swedish Christmas - a very traditional experience - Gothenburg & West Sweden

The lobster season is finally here - Gothenburg & West Sweden

Celebrate the summer in West Sweden - Gothenburg & West Sweden

News for 2017 - Gothenburg & West Sweden