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Hiking in West Sweden

Hiking in Sweden’s western regions is a nature experience like no other. You get the best of the wonderful coastal scenery, magical forests, endless lakes and historic landscapes rich in culture. Combine your walk with charming accommodation and food from the area.

Bohus Path

Bohus Path in West Sweden is a classic long-distance footpath that stretches from Strömstad in the north to Lindome in the south.

The Coastal trail

The Coastal trail, Kuststigen, is one of the most scenic hiking trails in West Sweden. It stretches from the island of Tjörn in the south, all the way up the west coast to Oslo. 

The Pilgrim Paths

Making a pilgrimage is an ancient tradition that occurs throughout the world. Two of Sweden's most beautiful pilgrim paths run through West Sweden’s primeval forests and historic cultural land.

Hiking close to the city

Hiking made easy. Take the train or bus directly to the walking trail, eat well at restaurants and cafes, and sleep in proper beds.

The Sjuhärad Trail

The Sjuhärad Trail is a 140 kilometre long distance walking trail through diverse landscapes and beautiful countryside, with several places worth seeing along the way.  

Island-hopping in West Sweden

The Bohuslän archipelago runs almost 280 kilometers up Sweden’s west coast and is an area of outstanding natural beauty. CNN Travel ranks it the seventh most...

Nature experiences

If you're looking for exciting nature experiences, West Sweden is the right place. You have Dalsland - the wilderness region closest to central Europe, the unique Bohuslän archipelago and the scenic plains, hills and forests of Västergötland.

Reasons why you feel better in Dalsland

The more time we spend in the countryside, the better we feel. This is something researchers the world over agree on. The richness and intensity of nature in Dalsland is unparalleled for anyone in...