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Hiking in West Sweden and Gothenburg gives you the best of several worlds. From the picturesque villages and islands of the West Coast to the silent wilderness of Dalsland, and Västergötlands historical landscapes. Then add some hiking in and around the city of Gothenburg. 

Hiking trips by tour operators

Getting out in nature should be nice and easy. Make it simpler for yourself and book a hiking package. Find your British or Swedish tour operator here.

Hiking trails in West Sweden

Discover some of Sweden's most beautiful hiking trails. Here are trails for you who like coastal landscapes, forest areas or most of all want to enjoy urban hiking with comfortable accommodation.

Take the train straight to the trail

Hop on the train, start the walk from the platform and get straight out into beautiful natural landscapes. Sounds great doesn’t it? 

Read our best tips on hiking trails close to train stops.

Would you like tips on how to have more experiences?

West Sweden's nature is unique thanks to its diversity. In addition to hiking, the area is also known for amazing paddling waters and great cycling opportunities. There are of course many experiences in Gothenburg - the second largest city in Sweden.