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Photographer: Christiane Dietz


Skansen the small nature reserve in Ed.

This nature reserve of about 4 hectares was formed in 1963 to save a geologically interesting area with rich flora and a near park-like character near the Dals-Ed train station.

Beautiful area

The most common name for this little reserve in the middle of Ed is Skansen, after the little fortification that lies just outside the reserve. Skansen is a lush, deciduous birch grove on the slope down towards Stora Le. The ending is part of an end moraine from the last ice age. A nature trail leads through the area.

Deciduous forest

The forest is dominated by oak and is the county's northernmost oak forest.

Nature Conservation Manager: Västkuststiftelsen

Contact information

Dals Eds Turistbyrå

Phone: +46 53419022

E-mail: tourist@dalsed.se

Website: dalsed.se