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Photographer: Roger Borgelid

Tresticklan Nationalpark

Uninterrupted wilderness by the border to Norway

Tresticklan National Park stretches between the lake Stora Le and the Norwegian border, and with an area of 30 square kilometres it is the largest road-less, uninhabited forest region in southern Sweden. Go walking here on fine footpaths in unspoiled forests, with beautiful lakes and distinctive terrain.

Peaceful wilderness

The topography of Tresticklan National Park is characterized by narrow, high mountain ridges that run from north to south. Between them are marshlands and long, narrow lakes. The sparse pine forest with granite outcrops clad in mosses and lichens, together with the large number of lakes, form a deeply peaceful place where you can walk in uninterrupted wilderness for several days.

Different hikes

Hiking in the Tresticklan National Park is very diverse, depending on whether you walk along or across the mountain ridges. There are marked paths in the area that are 4 to 8 kilometres long. Orshöjden is the highest point in the park and there are traces of mining and old agriculture on its slopes.


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