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Photographer: Sara Taijonlahti


The Vänern lake sets its mark on the municipality and "Åmål by Lake Vänern" has become a concept. Åmål's city was founded in 1643 under Queen Christine's Former Government. The municipality contains a varied nature from Lake Vänern to Edsleskog and Dalsland's highest mountain - Baljåsen - 301 meters above sea level. From Vingnäsbergen west of Lake Ånimmen, Otto Hesselbom painted the painting "Our Country".

If you want to know more about Dalsland's only city and what is available, you can go to www.dalsland.com/amal to find everything you need!

For personal contact, contact Åmåls Tourist Office, which is open all year! We are located at Marinan, a stone's throw from the center!


Welcome to Åmål!