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Man fishing by a lake in Dalsland

Photographer: HENRIK TRYGG

In the Calmest of Waters...

...swim the largest fish. Or was it the ugliest? Whatever is true, both exist in Dalsland. The biggest pike you can imagine and the ugliest prehistoric fish the Fourhorn Sculpin, which incidentally is the province’s fish symbol.


Few areas in Sweden can offer sport fishing as good as in Dalsland. One reason, of course, is that you are in one of the areas with the most lakes in the whole land. So whether you like spin fishing, fly fishing, action-packed trolling fishing with a guide for salmon and pike or cozy angling at a forest lake - Dalsland have it!

Photographer: HENRIK TRYGG

Various fishing

Here you will find flowing water, rapids fishing, calm woodland lakes, mighty crack valley lakes and the of course the grand lake Vänern. The variety and diversity of species is great. Only in Vänern there are about 38 species of fish. In the northern and northwestern part of Dalsland the beautiful, deep and cold crack valley lakes spread out. Here you will find the big pikes that makes you think of ancient monsters of the past. There are also salmon, trout, char, perch and a lot of white fish.

Photographer: Tommy Nerstrand, Dalsland Fishing

Fishing in Lake Vänern

Outside Åmål and Mellerud, there are big opportunities for sport fishing in Sweden's largest lake, Lake Vänern. Along the entire coast of Lake Vänern there is good sport fishing where you can catch almost every kind of freshwater fish.

You don´t need a fishing license to fish in Lake Vänern, but you have to follow the rules for fishing in the lake. Here you will find all the information you need to fish in Lake Vänern.

Sportfishing Dalsland

Where to go, and how to fish? Sportfishing Dalsland have experienced fishing guides to assist you. You will for sure learn a lot about the lakes, about safety, and of course where to find find the best spots, and how to fish them!

Bengtsfors fishing license

This fishing license gives you the opportunity to fish in many different lakes in the municipality of Bengtsfors. You are flexible and can explore the varied nature and lakes.

Info & fishing license

Dals- Ed fishing license

There are a lot of opportunities to try your fishing skillsin Dals-Ed. Whether you want to catch a big pike, fish a char or perch. Fish in a number of lakes in Dals Ed with this card.

Info & fishing license


A very nice fishing ground with beautiful scenery for the whole family. Ängebytjärnet applies “Put and take” and new fish is added a number of times during a year.

Info & fishing license

Nedre Upperudsälven

A fishing area that goes from Håverud to the railroad in Köpmannebro. This includes a number of lakes and water and you can catch pike, zander, perch, salmon and trout.

Info & fishing license

More FVO in Dalsland

There are a large number of fishing areas in Dalsland. Only in Bengtsfors there are 22 areas for fishing. There is plenty of information about all the FVO. Many of the fishing licenses can be purchased online at www.ifiske.se.

Fishing in Lake Vänern

Unlike any other FVO in Dalsland, you do not need a fishing license in Lake Vänern. But there are fishing rules, to protect and secure the unique fish stocks found in the lake.

Fishing Guides in PDF

Here you will find fishing guides with information about fishing, fishing rules and fishing licenses in each municipality's fishing waters.

Bengtsfors fishing guide

Dals-Ed fishing guide 

Åmål fishing guide