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The Kosterferry at Långegärde, South Koster.

Photographer: Göran Assner

Travel to Koster

You can travel to the Koster Islands with your own boat or take the passenger boat that departs daily from Strömstad Northern Harbour, in the middle of the city all year around.It can be difficult to find parking in the city centre during the summer, we recommend that you park your car at one of our long-term parking spaces and use the parking-buses that take back to the harbour, cost-free.

In connection to the Koster ferries, in the same building as Strömstad Infocenter, you will find the waiting hall.

Timetable and price information:

The timetable for the Koster ferries and more information regarding prices for boat trips.
Please note that there is no extra cost for strollers, wheelchairs or luggage on board.

Timetable Koster Marin.


Turn and-Return: 130 SEK (1/5- 30/9) and the rest of the year T / R 100 SEK

Children under the age of 7 travel free with adult.
Tickets can be bought on board with cash or card, or in the ticket machines in the harbour.

Västtrafik To Go - buy a ticket in your phone.
Download the app Västtrafik To Go to your mobile device! The ticket price corresponds to the Turn / Return price (you pay 50% of the T / R price per trip).

You can also use the Västtrafik Voucher and using the Voucher costs the same as buying a Turn and Return-ticket. Other local vouchers that are valid in Strömstad can also be used on board the Koster Ferries. Västkustladdningen (The West coast Voucher) does not apply.

When changing from trains or buses, a new fare must be paid.

Group discount: (minimum of 20 people) call Koster Marin for booking at:

+46 (0)526-201 10

Bring your own bike or kayak:

If you would like to bring your own bike, please note that there are many people traveling with the Koster ferries during the high season of summer and space for bikes or kayaks may be limited. This could possibly mean that you may have to wait for a later departure. The fee for bringing a bike on board is 90 SEK kr, turn and return. The fee for a kayak is 180 SEK kr, one way. Payment for a bike or a kayak can only be made on board and not through the ticket automats or in the Västtrafik To Go-app.

Dogs on board:

Dogs are very welcome on board the Koster ferries, but out of respect for other passengers with allergies, they are referred to the outdoors seating areas.

Parking and free parking-buss to the city centre:

Strömstad gets a lot of visitors during the summer and vacant parking spaces can be difficult to come by. Our recommendation is to park your car or vehicle at one of the long-term parking places.
Parking fee; SEK 40 / per day / 6-31 / 8.

Free buses are running during summertime (June-August) that go all the long-term parking places and back to Strömstad square where the ferries depart from.

Link to a city map with parking information

Parking in the city centre:

Max 24 hrs: The parking lot in front of the hospital: adress Västra Hamngatan, as well as at Torskholmen. Circa 5 minutes from the Koster ferries.

Max 10 hrs: at Strömstad Station, Colorline ferry terminal and at Strömstad Taxi Station.

7 days: at the parking lot Canning, which can be found at the very end of the street Västra Hamngatan, beyond the hospital.

Visit Koster with your own boat:

Guest harbours can be found at Northern and Southern Koster.

Since the Koster islands are part of the Koster Ocean National park it is extra important to take its unique environment into account. You can download The Nature Guide for Boating with good information about how to experience the Koster archipelago by boat.