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A boy and a girl throw a ball to each other in the water.

Photographer: Jesper Anhede

Welcome to Beautiful Lake Vänern

Läckö-Kinnekulle has 220 kilometres of shoreline and an archipelago of 22,000 islands, islets and skerries. Go ashore, call at a guest harbour, take a dip at a bathing spot or enjoy the beauty of Lake Vänern just as you want.

Lake Vänern is usually referred to as an inland sea, and when you look at its size and diversity it actually resembles a sea. Even more so if you think of all the possibilities for exploring by boat, fishing, bathing or simply being near the water.
If you have access to your own boat, there are numerous possibilities for going ashore. There are plenty of guest harbours with all the services you might want. And if heading off on a slightly longer trip, unique nature experiences await in this fresh inland sea with thousands of islands. Those without their own boat can join an organised tour. For example, aboard the Viking ship Sigrid Storråda or Vänernatur to Lurö.

Guest harbours aplenty
Hörviken is one of Kållandsö’s many hidden gems. You will find yourself close to nature and the archipelago, with the aroma from the fish smokehouse in the air and time to enjoy the nautical atmosphere amongst fishermen, sailors and islanders.
Spiken has long been known as a fishing village and also has a guest harbour. You can purchase smoked salmon, whitefish and burbot from the smokehouses. Fresh fish and vendace roe are also on sale.
Just below the western wall of Läckö Castle lies a sheltered guest harbour. You can dine well at the restaurant Gastrosfären. Vegetables and herbs are harvested every day from the Small Castle Garden to go straight into the dishes at the restaurant.

Djurgårdsudde enjoys an idyllic and picturesque location bordered by oak woodland and the guest harbour with views of Ullersund. Alongside the harbour is Café Djurgårdsudde.
Hönsäter Harbour in Hällekis is in Sjöråsviken bay, at the foot of the flowering mountain of Kinnekulle. If you want to leave your boat for a while, there is Falkängens Hantverksby (Falkängen Handicraft Village) above the harbour, and the surrounding area is a cultural district with totally unique fauna. 

A new bathing spot every day
Don’t forget to visit our bathing spots. These are so numerous that you can try a new one every day of the summer, and find your own favourites. Most are shallow with a fine sandy bottom and facilities in the form of cafés, etc. We only have room to mention a few of them here.

Svalnäs, also known as Vänern’s Riviera, on the west coast of Kålland boasts a sandy beach several kilometres long. It is very child friendly with shallow water, and thanks to the generally westerly winds the water temperature tends to be extremely pleasant here.
Villabadet is a beach not far from the centre of Lidköping. It boasts excellent views of Kinneviken and Kinnekulle. The water is shallow with a fine sandy bottom. At one end of the beach is Skogshyddan, serving refreshments, and a mini-golf course, and at the other end is a small playground.

At the foot of Kinnekulle’s western slope you will find Blombergs bad. You can choose whether to take a dip from the sandy beach, the rocks or the jetty. There are also grassy areas where you can lay out your blanket for a touch of sunbathing. The bay is shallow and fairly sheltered.
Kinnekulle Camping has an excellent beach. It is also shallow with a sandy bottom, and it is possible to swim from the jetties too. The location has toilets, a playground, a kiosk and mini golf.