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Photographer: Amplifyphoto/ Markus Holm

Vägeröd Valley

The most popular nature reserve on Skaftö

Vägeröd is a nature reserve on Skaftö and at the same time Skaftös most popular hiking destination. Here there are oceans of spring flowers, beautiful beech forests and nice walking paths.

Nature reserve

A visit to the Vägeröd Valley nature reserve is a wonderful experience, especially in April when the wood anemones blossom and spring birds sing. The young leaves on the beech and oaks provide amazing colors after a long winter.

Of course all seasons are nice in Vägeröd, but when spring comes and the green starts to blossom, it's easy to get excited and find inner peace. The light reaches all the way down to the ground, and the tribes of the trees draw well against the pale blue sky. In summer, everything is green and the light is subdued, it can be nice a hot day or a day when the wind makes the ocean gray, big and powerful.

Most of the hiking trails begin at the parking spot. Small signs lead you towards the wood anemones when they bloom the most. Interesting cultural monuments in the form of cottage ruins are found and you can follow the cultural paths that are located in the southern part of the area. A bronze age cairn is located on Österberget, the mountain in the east, which also offers nice views.

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