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Photographer: Ingemar Hedberg

Western Sea boardwalk

A winding boardwalk between rocks and sea

Welcome to stroll along the Western Sea The new Västerhavspromenade winds its way along the Western Sea. You walk along the beautiful granite cliffs, with a wonderful view overlooking the sea!

The boardwalk is 1100 meters long, and blends nicely into nature as it is completely designed according to the rockformations it is built around.

The walk takes you between Ålevik and Valbodalen. On the way you pass Lilla Långevik and Stora Långevik. These are nice areas to take a swim, so don´t forget your swimwear! The entire walk is accessible, so it's fine to get around with a pram as well as with a walker and permobile.

There are plenty of benches and resting places along the entire walk. Bring swimwear and take the opportunity to take a dip at one of the ladders along the promenade. For the brave, there is also a diving tower from which to swim.

So pack some Swedish Fika, and head for the Västerhavspromenad, it is a beautiful activity regardless of the weather.  

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