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Photographer: Markus Eklund

Munkedal municipilaty

Sea, lake or river

In Munkedal municipality you will find fishing opportunities in Örekilsälven, in the sea or in a lake. Don't forget to buy a fishing license. Are you interested in a fishing guide please contact Mr Per Nyqvist by email mrpernyqvist@gmail.com or mobile + 46 (0) 73-410 36 10.

Bullarens FVOF
Bullaresjöarna are Bohusläns largest lakes. Bullarens FVOF includes northern and southern Bullaresjön, Aspen, Busjön and Stärkelandshöjden. A fishing licence are requierd.

In Gårvik you fish in the sea. You don´t need a licence.

Kärnsjöns FVOF
Lake Kärnsjön is one of the largest and most deep lakes in Bohuslän with a depth of 40 m. A fishing licence are requierd
Salmon fishing in Örekilsälven during the period 1 May – 30 September.
A fishing licence are requierd.

Fishing in the sea at Saltkällan. You don´t need a licence.

Private smaller lake belonging to Kynnefjälls Natur. A fishing licence are requierd.

Viksjöns FVOF
Viksjöns FVOF is  located in the southwestern part of Dalsland and extends into the middle of Bohuslän. The area includes Viksjön, Vassbotten, Kikerudssjön and Valboån. A fishing licence are requierd.