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Photographer: Nils-Åke Larsson


As we approached Kvistrum while the sun began to fall, I was particularly impressed of the beauty of the landscape. The road followed the slope of a mountain, sparsely covered by mossy greenery and occasional furor... As we came closer, the landscape got variety through the most delightful slopes of wild flowers.

This is how Mary Wollstonecraft from England describes  Kvistrum in 1795 at the time a hub with a guesthouse and a courthouse. The inn was built in 1664 and replaced 1886 by a new building. The pass at Kvistrum and the bridge over Örekilsälven has had an important role in the history when several battles were fought there. In 1788, Danish-Norwegian troops marched down through Bohuslän to Gothenburg. At Kvistrum, the so-called theatre war was fought when it was more a spectacle. In Denmark and Norway it was called Tyttebärskriget, or Lingonkriget, when the troops lived on berries and other things they found.

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